Gothamist has been trying to follow the bribery trial of aides of state Supreme Court Justice, Gerald Garson, because it's possibly the most insane display of nuttery from a judge since the judge who masturbated in court. Garson himself will be on trial later on, but for now, as his aides are accused of "steering cases" and "cash" his way, Garson's action are center stage. The NY Post notes a surveillance video of Garson accepting a bribe and that Garson made some off-color, possibly racist remarks, yet doesn't expand on them. Luckily, Newsday reveals some of Garson's comments, which remind us of a Dave Chappelle skit:

"Alright, lemme go take a pee," Garson said to [attorney Paul] Siminovksy [who allegedly offered Garson money], according to a transcript, "lemme make peepee ... I wanna make peepee and poopie and peepee."

Thank goodness for court transcripts, or else we wouldn't know our judges act like 5 year-olds.

Image at right from Gotham Gazette's judicial fun game, So You Want To Be A Brooklyn Judge. Check out the suit, The People of NY vs. Gerald Garson (PDF).