diepair.jpgSome gamblers don't need their legs broken by loan sharks if they're paranoid enough. The FDNY discovered four men lying in an alley at 35-12 Farrington St. in Flushing, Queens while responding to a call about a smoke condition at the building. According to WNBC, the building houses a not-that-secret illegal gambling operation.

Police surmise that when the poorly poker-faced bettors heard the FDNY trucks' sirens responding to the smoke condition call, they figured the building was being raided by the cops. Rather than get pinched on an unlicensed gambling violation, four men thought it was a better bet to jump to the alley below, out of a window several stories up.

The men suffered from various injuries, including leg and ankle fractures. While there's no actual proof that they were at the gambling den, it is odd to jump from an upper-story window just at the sound of sirens. And if you're wondering about the difference between FDNY and NYPD sirens, here are some videos of them (FDNY, NYPD)--the FDNY seems to have a lower honk siren at times.