The Knicks have made Phoenix Suns star Amar’e Stoudemire a $100 million, five-year contract offer, the maximum allowed, according to reports. The framework of the deal is in place at this point, but the Knicks have yet to talk to Stoudemire—a meeting could take place as soon as this Sunday.

Stoudemire broke off negotiations with the the Suns earlier today, and his agent, Happy Walters, told the Arizona Republic, “It wasn’t the right deal...He’ll be sad to leave his teammates and the city he loves but it’s time to move on.” Part of the Knicks' strategy for landing LeBron James was contingent on them snagging a commitment from one of the other major free agents to entice LeBron here.

Stoudemire was previously coached by Knicks skipper Mike D'Antoni in Phoenix, where they are said to have clashed at times. As Yahoo points out, "the Knicks and Stoudemire aren’t each other’s first choices" but Stoudemire was adamant about getting a five-year contract, and other teams were concerned about his history of knee-and-eye injuries.