With the burning question about whether Knicks breakout star Jeremy Lin will be re-signed (latest ESPN rumors say that Lin won't be re-signed by New York!), Grantland's Bill Simmons took to Twitter yesterday to rant about the Knicks' "complete buffoon" owner James Dolan—and suggests that Knicks fans finally have an opportunity to free themselves from this abusive relationship.

1. To the Knicks fans who keep asking: If you're going to switch allegiance to Brooklyn, it has to happen this summer. But I'm fine with it.
2. Here's the thing - Dolan is NEVER selling. The franchise will ALWAYS be screwed up. You have a 2nd NYC team and a legit excuse to leave.
3. If Celtics were in same situation (with a Dolan owner), I'd stop rooting for them and be an NBA widow unless there was a 2nd Boston team.
4. The important thing to remember - Dolan is a complete buffoon. You have a 12-year track record to examine now. He's an incompetent owner
5. So you have to ask yourself... "Do I really want to spend DECADES of my life with my NBA fate tied to this guy?" You control that answer.
6. And if you're a diehard, loyal down-with-the-ship type fan, that's fine too... stay with the Knicks. Just saying you have an out here.
7. My buddy @housefromdc quit on Orioles because of Angelos (Dolan-esque). Baseball widow for years, now a huge Nats fan. Totally happy.
8. Last thought - I have a great deal of respect for Knicks fans (and NYK history + MSG). They deserve better than...

But Dolan has a song about fixing the Knicks! Maybe he can bring in Isiah? Also, essential reading: Sports Illustrated's 2007 look at Dolan and the Observer's 2007 article about how it's miserable for sports reporters to cover the Knicks.