Tonight, the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks will meet for the first time in a much-anticipated, Hurricane Sandy-delayed matchup. The teams were originally supposed to face off on November 1st (see the t-shirt?) but Mother Nature and her ensuing devastation forced the home opener to today (revised t-shirt).

However, both teams are being pretty respectful of each other: The Nets' star Deron Williams said, "It will be a great atmosphere," and noted that both teams have great records (the Nets are 8-4, the Knicks are 9-3), "That's why it's a big game. Not just because it's the Knicks, it's because they have the best record in the East and they're a tough team." And the Knicks' Carmelo Anthony, a Brooklyn native, said, "Just to step on that court, and to see that Brooklyn logo on that basketball court, I’ll feel like I’m home.”

Enter Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, who declared in a video on, "In the awesome powers conferred upon me as Brooklyn Borough President, I put all Brooklynites on notice…if you support, cheer or root for the Manhattan Knicks, you are treasonous! You could be brought up on charges by me personally." However, Marty mentions November 1st as game day—guess they didn't get a chance to dub it.

Brooklyn City Council Member Jumaane Williams is sticking with the Knicks—he told the Observer, “I’m Brooklyn. I’m Brooklyn. I’m born-and-bred diehard Brooklyn. I believe I reek, smell of Brooklyn wherever I go and I’m very proud of that. And I’m a basketball fan, I’ve been a Knicks fan for life, so it was a struggle."

Anyway, Knicks superfan Spike Lee responded via Twitter:

Lee won't be at the game—he's busy finishing up filming on Oldboy, but says, "My Spirit Will Be At Game 2 Nite."

FYI: You can get free Brooklyn Nets tattoos at the Barclays Center tonight.