2008_06_knicksdraft.jpgBoy were we wrong about fan reaction at the NBA Draft. Not only did the fans boo the Knicks selection of Danilo Gallinari, but they even started a “Fire Donnie” chant. Why the hate for Gallinari? Well, the fans wanted OJ Mayo and drafting a European player probably brings back memories of Frederic Weis. Perhaps the booing was just Knicks fans getting out their leftover animosity from this past season. Gallinari isn’t a bad pick however. He doesn’t play defense (so he fits right in) but he is extremely good with the ball and can score which makes him a perfect fit for Mike D’Antoni’s system. However, with the addition of Gallinari, the Knicks have a glut at the 3 and the 4 spots, so expect some sort of trade to happen soon, preferably the end of the Zach Randolph era.

As for the Nets, they made their big move before the draft sending Richard Jefferson to the Bucks in a move to clear cap space for LeBron James. In the draft they rebuilt their frontcourt with the additions of Brook Lopez and Ryan Anderson in the first round, but went small in the second round with Chris-Douglas Roberts in the second. Vince Carter’s days in New Jersey are probably numbered, so it will be a young, but exciting team that takes the floor next November. Maybe they're just saving money to get in on the LeBron James race.

Photo of Knicks pick Danilo Gallinari by AP/Frank Franklin II