Gothamist learns something new about city ordinances everyday! The Supreme Court ruled that if the KKK wants to protest in NYC, they'll have to unhood themselves. It turns out that there's a city ordinance that "forbids gatherings of three or more masked or hooded people - unless they are attending 'a masquerade party or like entertainment.'" Brilliant! A KKK "offshoot group" (in Gothamist's opinion, the KKK itself is an offshoot group) was trying to appeal a ruling that barred masked members from protesting in NYC in 1999 (the Daily News points out that 17 members protested anyway - with 6000 people protesting). The appeal courts had said NYC's ordinance was constitutional, ruling "While the First Amendment protects the rights of citizens to express their viewpoints, however unpopular, it does not guarantee ideal conditions for doing so." Aha! This is what stopped the big protest in Central Park during the Republican National Convention.

On the classic Chappelle's Show skit, Dave Chappelle showed what happens when a blind KKK leader who doesn't realize he's black is unmasked. Buy Chappelle's Show, Season 1, on Amazon. And Season 2 will be released in February.