A commuter in Suffolk County found a pair of recruitment flyers for the Ku Klux Klan on an LIRR train recently, the latest example of Klan activity on Long Island.

Carlos Sandoval told NBC4 that he found two KKK flyers while getting off a train in Amagansett earlier this month. Sandoval said he found the flyers on two train seats according to ABC7, and that they appeared they'd been put there "for someone to see them and pick them up." An MTA spokesperson tells us that giving out printed material of any kind is prohibited on MTA property and that it can lead to ejection from the premises, a $50 fine or even jail time depending on the case.

KKK recruitment flyers were also found on cars in a parking lot in Patchogue earlier this month, and while state and county leaders expressed alarm about the flyers, Suffolk County police said the content of the flyers themselves aren't criminal.

Earlier this year, the Klan also claimed they would show up at a Black Lives Matter rally in Westhampton Beach. At the time, the Southern Poverty Law Center's Heidi Beirich told Gothamist "these guys always love to talk a big game and over-inflate their membership," while downplaying the group's claim that they had 2500 members on Long Island. The rally happened without any apparent Klan involvement, though a Klan leader claimed he was there “incognito."