Governors Island will be reopening for the 2011 season on May 27, but one creature was so excited that she arrived early: A calico cat was found on Saturday night during the storms, covered in seaweed. The Governors Island blog says, "We think this kitty was swept out to the river from Jersey during the big storms over the weekend, hitched a ride on some floatsam, and eventually landed on the rocks that encircle the Island...she’s otherwise healthy and very friendly."

The blog adds, "Any information that leads her back to her family is appreciated. Until then, she’s getting all the Fancy Feast her brave little heart desires" (unclear whether she has a microchip—yes, you should microchip your cats too!). In the meantime, Governors Island marketing and communications director Elizabeth Rapuano told the Daily News, "She's very friendly. She likes people... She's a great addition to Governors Island. It's certainly a surprise to have her, but a welcome one."

The feline doesn't have a name, so since she's a castaway, we'd suggest Ginger or Mary Ann—or Freckles.