A little kitten survived not only being thrown from a truck but also being trapped in the wheel well of another car in Staten Island. The Post reports that the black-and-white 8-week-old tabby, named Lucky after her ordeal, was spotted by Family Court Judge Catherine DiDomenico. (Video of the super adorable cat after the jump.) DiDomenico was driving on Hylan Boulevard when a truck driver in front of her threw the kitten out the window. The stopped her car—which other drivers were not pleased about—to look for the kitten, "I looked down. I looked to the left. I looked to the right. I didn't see the kitten," but she spotted the kitten behind the left wheel. DiDomenico said, "As my wheel spun, she jumped into the wheel well and her claw became stuck in the suspension. Clearly she was very lucky. She is one brave kitty. This kitten defied an act of brutality." The NYPD Emergency Service Unit help extract Lucky, who was given a clean bill of health and is up for adoption at Staten Island Animal Care & Control in Tottenville. And the cops are still looking for the truck driver.