As part of our ongoing and heartwarming coverage of humans saving felines in distress, we turn to Queens, where a kitten was removed from a car left in a parking lot at JFK Airport—after apparently spending days trapped in the stuffy vehicle.

The Port Authority Police Benevolent Association shared the adorable rescue on Twitter:

According to the Daily News, the vehicle was parked in a lot for Delta employees: "Over the weekend, people walking through the parking lot spotted the cat sitting on the SUV’s dashboard and walking back and forth on the vehicle’s seats... People got so concerned that someone wrote a note to the Delta employee, who works for the airline’s maintenance division, threatening to alert authorities if the kitten wasn’t freed soon."

One passer-by put a note on the window of the SUV, with the message, "Your cat is in your car since Saturday. I will call the police tomorrow if your car is still here and tell them that a cat is in this car."

Port Authority police officers were able to get the cat—who hid under a seat—on Tuesday. The News reports that an animal cruelty investigation is being launched against the cat's owner, who had been in Thailand and claims he had no idea the pet was in the car at the time.

The kitteh, now named Miss Delta, is currently at the Queens Animal Care and Control and will only be available for adoption after the investigation.

Last week, the Port Authority PBA had shared an ASPCA reminder about not leaving pets in cars during the hot weather; for instance, even a slightly opened window can create overheating conditions for animals.