Nothing quite captures the unique essence of geriatric rock 'n' roll like KISS. They have perfected the art of rock-band-as corporation, whether they're ringing the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange in celebration of Dr Pepper's 125th anniversary, or helping their fans die in dignity with the Kiss Kasket. They should just go ahead and change the word to "klassy." But one former member of the KISS family isn't so keen on letting musicians rock out in an Upper West Side townhouse.

Lydia Criss, former wife of KISS drummer Peter Criss (aka, The Catman!), argued against turning a landmarked West 68th St. townhouse into a high-end temporary residency for the rich and famous at a public meeting Tuesday night. Criss, who lives across the street from the building in question, told the community board that it would cause chaos on the streets below and in the 11-bedroom townhouse above. And she should know from experience: "I'm concerned about the high-end part. It can mean Jay-Z and his crowd. I'm from a rock 'n' roll background. I know how crazy people can get with alcohol. There will be food and there will be odors and there will be noise." And that's a promise!

The community board voted to deny the application, but the Daily News reports that the project can still go forward if it wins approval from the Manhattan Borough President's office, the City Planning Department and the City Council. Maybe she should invest in some KISS bath splash, put on her KISS ear plugs and relax. Afterwards, she can snuggle in bed and watch her limited edition copy of KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park underneath her KISS blanket.