The over three year long saga behind Kirsten Dunst's stolen Balenciaga bag is finally coming to an end! In 2007 the actress was staying at the SoHo Grand hotel during the filming of How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, when the bag and some other items went missing. James Jimenez and Jarrod Beinerman were pinned for the crime, and Beinerman has been paying the price behind bars, while Jimenez was only sentenced this week, after years of courtroom drama.

That drama has included claims that Beinerman was there selling the starlet drugs for a wrap party. Indeed, marijuana was found in the stolen bag, which suddenly became her assistant's stolen bag, since Kiki doesn't do drugs (the actress was in rehab shortly after the bag was stolen).

Anyway, Dunst is rich and famous and now Jimenez has been handed down the same sentence as Beinerman of 4 years behind bars. According to the NY Post, Jimenez told the judge, "I don't understand the charges. I don't understand why I'm being charged." He was assured by the judge, "I understand, because I presided over this trial and I'm familiar with all the evidence."