Yesterday Kirsten Dunst's personal assistant, Liat Baruch, testified at the retrial of James Jimenez, who is accused of stealing the starlet's Balenciaga bag, amongst other things. His lawyer is claiming Jimenez was just tagging along to Dunst's SoHo Grand penthouse with Jarrod Beinerman, a known drug dealer who may or may not have been dealing Dunst & Co. some goodies for a film wrap celebration. Beinerman is currently behind bars for four years, and now Jimenez is fighting a similar fate.

Jimenez's lawyer, Robert Parker, claims the men were invited, and that there were drugs all over the penthouse and pot in the stolen purse. Baruch, however, is being a good little assistant and according to the Daily News she told the courtroom yesterday, "I had a little bit of marijuana in my bag. I was planning on smoking it after we wrapped, after work." She also claimed Dunst knew nothing about the pot, and neither of the men were invited guests. Another assistant told the courtroom that there was no wrap party planned for which these drugs were allegedly getting procured for. Meaning after a huge Hollywood production finished up filming, the only person who planned to celebrate was Dunst's assistant with a little marijuana?

Dunst will be grilled by Parker next week, but something is telling us that even though she entered rehab shortly after this incident, she'll be protected by her minions.