Earlier we noted that actress Kirsten Dunst was heading to the courthouse today to testify against a Manhattan mechanic accused of stealing the actress's handbags and whatnot, while she was stationed at the SoHo Grand hotel penthouse. 35-year-old James Jimenez now faces 15 years in prison if convicted; his accomplice, Jarrod Beinerman, was already sentenced to 4 years.

The court appearance already took place and CityRoom reports back saying "the stakes [at hand] were lost in Ms. Dunst’s charming, innocent demeanor." Or, you know, the fact that the prosecutor turned fanboy and asked her to name some recent movies she had acted in. She was in, oh, you know (dimples!) Spider-Man and Little Women and stuff. Yes, theft is wrong, but is that resume worth sending a man to jail for 15 years for... for stealing a Balenciaga handbag?

Reportedly after charming the courtroom with her testimony, "She popped up, bit her bottom lip and smiled on her way out."