Today Kirsten Dunst got her day in court, testifying in a retrial of James Jimenez, one of the men accused of stealing a Balenciaga bag and some other goodies from her penthouse at the SoHo Grand in 2007. Since that time the other man involved, Jarrod Beinerman, has been sentenced to 4 years behind bars, and Jimenez has claimed that Beinerman (a known drug dealer) was there selling the starlet and her pals some drugs for a wrap party.

While marijuana was found in the stolen bag, Dunst's assistant claimed it was hers when she took the stand last week. Today Dunst told the courtroom that she doesn't smoke pot... but she had no problem admitting her personal assistant was a pot smoker, saying, "I know she smoked pot"... even though the judge said she didn't have to answer! According to the Post, when asked who was in the movie she was filming at the time, she stated: "Jeff... Dan—Bridges, excuse me." (Sounds like someone got a little high before taking the stand.)

In 2008, after the handbag was stolen, Dunst went to rehab, and she's been known to support the legalization of marijuana. According to the Daily News, the latter point was barred from the retrial, but the actress did tell Carl Sagan once that the world would be a better place if "everyone smoked weed."