Jason Itzler has called himself the "King of all Pimps," a nod to running a pricey escort ring (he even employed Ashley Dupre, who would later go onto to "escort" Governor Spitzer). But he pleaded not guilty to selling cocaine, promoting prostitution and laundering money in court yesterday. And to top things off, the Daily News reports, "Court officials were inquiring about the availability of a court-appointed lawyer as Itzler was being escorted to a side room, his hands cuffed behind his back. His jeans - which he was wearing sans belt for security reasons - suddenly slipped down to his ankles - forcing him to duck-walk off stage."

Itzler's newest operation is allegedly "Rockstar Models & Partygirls"—and besides organizing a three-day, um, appointment at $19,500 at the Trump International Hotel for an unnamed john, Itzler is accused of selling $4,700 of coke to him.

Oh, and Itzler cried and said, "I saved Billy Ray Cyrus' life, that's what this is about." The Post adds that on Thursday, Itzler was "busted on West 14th Street -- wearing a fedora and carrying a trumpet he can't play, according to a law enforcement source."

Itzler, who once told New York magazine that Dupre had "the most beautiful vagina in New York," previously served time for money laundering and promoting prostitution.