2005_08_heroinod.jpgPolice have discovered that four of the six widely publicized overdose victims took cocaine as well as heroin, which could change suspicions that there's tainted heroin into questions about whether there's tainted heroin or the popularity of doing speedballs. The NY Times talks to and photographs addicts in Tompkins Square Park. And they say the East Village is gentrified? One caption reads:

He calls himself L.E.S. (for Lower East Side) Jewels. He says that he has overdosed four times in the last week and that a tainted batch of heroin could be the reason.

Jewels explains that some people who overdose but live think "it means the dope is good. It means they have more tolerance for the stuff." Well, that's certainly one kind of logic. Another complains that the other junkies' deaths didn't become news until the two 18 year-old girls' deaths last week. Yes, blame the news!

Photography for the NY Times by Tyler Hicks