2006_05_1policeplaza.jpgBouncer Stephen Sakai, who killed one patron and shot three others outside Chelsea club Opus 22 on Tuesday, was officially charged with and arraigned on that night's crimes, but police are investigating still trying to understand his connection to three other murders. Here are the murders in question, using info from the Post:

- Wayne Tyson, found stabbed to death in Brownsville on September 1
- Irving Matos, former co-worker and potential partner of Sakai's, found shot in the head last October
- Edwin Mojica, former co-worker at Opus 22, found shot in the head in Williamsburg last November.

The Times reports Sakai apparently confessed to killing Tyson as well as Mojica; he said was there when Matos was killed but another man stabbed him. The Manhattan DA's office called him a "stone-cold killer." He was held without bail, and his court-appointed lawyer says detectives did not let Sakai get a lawyer and will be asking that Sakai's "confessions" be thrown out. And Sakai's grandmother told the Post that Sakai changed his last name from Sanders to Sakai to sound more Japanese - Sakai loved Asian culture and martial arts.