2007_03_furcoat.jpgThe barter system is thriving when it comes to payments to off relatives. An Astoria man who has been serving a drug-possession sentence at Rikers was charged with conspiracy to commit murder after he tried to hire a hit man last week to kill his mother. And how was Joseph Salvio, who was actually a few days from release, going to pay for the hit? By using three of his mother's fur coats, worth $10,000, as the payment.

The Queens DA's press release explains, "The defendant, an only child, allegedly solicited an individual whom he thought to be a hit man to kill his mother over the Easter weekend, believing that being in jail afforded him an airtight alibi. Unfortunately for him, the hit man was an undercover police officer and their conversation detailing the alleged plot was being secretly recorded." Indeed. Salvio also told the undercover cop how to get to his mother's Astoria home, that he wanted it to look like a robbery, and to beat up - but not kill - his mother's boyfriend if he was there. Salvio allegedly wanted to inherit his mother's upstate house.

The Daily News spoke to Salvio's mother, Susan Allogramento, who said, "Leave me alone. I'm upset enough." Salvio's Legal Aid attorney says her client will plead not guilty and added that Salvio was mentally ill. And last month, the big news was how an inmate allegedly offered to pay someone $15,000 to kill Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, because the inmate was angry about the Sean Bell shooting.