If you thought his troubles with designer Jack McCollough were resolved, you were wrong. Kiefer Sutherland had been waiting to find out if the misdemeanor assault charges against him would be dropped until just now. Good thing we weren't holding our breath. TMZ reports that Sutherland is totally in the clear for the incident that took place back in May. An incident that would have been way more interesting if the actor were more Jack Bauer in real life, or even if he channeled his previous Christmas tree attack. So let's get on to the juicier Kiefer news. Page Six reports that he was spotted making out in public! With his girlfriend! Stars, they're just like us but with headlines. He and Siobhan Bonnouvrier lost themselves in a "hot make-out session" on on the lawn of Hudson River Park near 12th Street this past Saturday. An eye witness told the rag, "They had their hands all over each other. They really got into it. One young mom breast-feeding her baby nearby was like, 'Go Kiefer!'" Our sources who were on the scene with said breast-feeding mom say there was even a thong-flashing involved.