Jack Bauer's day at the police station is over, and today's coverage is all about the fashion! The NY Post reports that Kiefer Sutherland walked into the precinct yesterday with "three-quarters-length black raincoat, blue jeans and cowboy boots," apparently taking his glasses off and leaving his celeb status in his DIVA-plated town car outside. He was in the station for around two hours, during which time he updated his mug shot, got fingerprinted, and allegedly didn't "crack jokes, laugh or sign autographs." He left with his desk-appearance ticket for a misdemeanor of third-degree assault and a court date of June 21st. Meanwhile, this whole thing may land on the shoes of Brooke Shields. TMZ reports that the actress herself "blames the fall on her 6" high heels and the fact that the room was dark and crowded and it was really really late." She also admits that Jack McCollough made contact with her—and of course anyone with their own action figure is going to have a knee-jerk reaction to save the damsel in distress.