2007_03_playgirlpose.jpgWhat happens when you're an occupational therapist at PS 99 in Kew Gardens AND a Playgirl centerfold? Your story is told in the Daily News.

Julian Fantechi, who has been on the cover of the magazine and teaches special needs students, tells the News, "I can have this career, and I can also have a heart and work with children." And not only does he have a masters from NYU., he has a crazy six-pack, too.

Fantechi's non-Department of Education-gig is within guidelines - he even asked his union to make sure he wouldn't violate any rules. The News reports, "He was given the go-ahead as long as he didn't advertise that he worked as a city educator." The News also made sure to ask parents, who probably knew nothing about it, what they thought, and naturally, they say things like "That's definitely not good." And we find it hilarious that a grandmother said she would discuss it with her granddaughter. How much do you want to bet that it takes 2 weeks for a PS 99 student to order a Fantechi-issue of Playgirl? And according to Julian's own website, he's been in Playgirl four times in fourteen months! You go, guy! (FYI, he's also in Flesh4Men.)

While Fantechi is certainly hot, he's no Matthew Kaye. Kaye is the teacher who took sick days when he was on the professional wrestling circuit as "The Striker." Kaye was eventually fired, but got to parlay his education background with "Matt Striker's Classroom" in the WWE. Other weird incidents: Conducting when one should have been teaching and the teacher who asked for time off in order to serve a jail sentence.