The saga of Karen Klein—the upstate NY bus monitor who was tormented by some rotten kids in a viral YouTube video—has riveted the internet for the past few weeks. Late yesterday, some serious punishment was dolled out to the vulgar little beasts who brought her to tears: the four seventh-grade students will be suspended from school and regular bus transportation for one year. In addition, they'll have to complete 50 hours of community service, and a formal program in bullying prevention. If only these kinds of consequences were around in the days of forcible haircuts.

The Greece Central School district said that the four unnamed students will transfer to an alternative education program within the district to keep up their academic progress, and will be allowed to reapply to middle school after their complete the discipline. They released a long statement about the situation, but here's the important part:

Rarely are school districts able to announce the exact discipline students receive for violations of the Code of Conduct. It was possible in this case because each of the students involved admitted to wrongdoing, accepted the recommended consequences and agreed to permit the district to publicly release the terms of their disciplinary action.

Accepting responsibility for dumb, youthful actions—what a novel concept! As of Saturday morning, nearly $672K have been raised for Klein through Indiegogo—and this week, Klein met the man who started the fundraiser, Max Sidorov. Sidorov, a Toronto native, said he was motivated to help because he had been bullied in the past: "I know how it feels, nobody should have to go through that, ever," Sidorov told ABC.

"I almost feel like I don't deserve it," Klein said of the donations. "They should be sending their donations to other people that have more problems than I do." Klein, a grandmother of eight, including one with Down syndrome, said she will donate part of the money to support research. She also wants to get her carpeting done: "I need new carpeting, maybe a paint job here and there. Pay off all my bills so that I can retire."