Following the suspension of a Bronx English teacher who assigned 11th graders a short story about tragic masturbation attempts, students have defended the instructor while adults have expressed skepticism over his decision. Louella Hatch, whose grandson attends the Bronx School of Law and Finance, is one of the adults who objects to teacher Greg Van Voorhis' assignment of "Guts" by "Fight Club" author Chuck Palahniuk. "Well, I really don't go for that. Well, I'm old fashioned anyway, but I don't like things like that," she said. "If it is true, he can't still be around the school, you know?" she added.

But kids are supporting their teacher, both to the press, and in more colorful language on the Facebook group "Save Mr. V."

"c'mon people, it's 2009 - not 1809. check out what even little elementary kids are watching and playing on a daily basis. at least these kids were READING."

"Okay so its a gross short story from a very popular author. Perhaps a poor choice, but it's 11th grade and its the Bronx, not 6th grade in Kentucky."

"if your 17 years old i think u should know how to masturbate....soo its pathetic that there giving him shitt =D"

"I find it hard to believe that an English class that teachs Shakespear would have a problem with another graffic story such as the one the teacher handed out. Granted Taming of the Shrew didn't involve a carrot up the butt but still."

The jury is still out on Van Voorhis, who has been placed on administrative duty while Department of Education officials investigate.