The NY Times used the Freedom of Information Act to find out exactly who is landing coveted City Hall internships. And, SURPRISE, many of the interns are the children of the rich, famous and/or connected: "They are the children and relatives of boldface names, like Lloyd C. Blankfein, the chief executive of Goldman Sachs; Peter G. Peterson, co-founder of the Blackstone Group; and Laurence A. Tisch, who was a hotel mogul and chief executive of CBS... The roster has also included grandchildren and stepchildren of people with ties to Mr. Bloomberg and his friends, including the grandson of Robert A. Caro, chronicler of Robert Moses, and the stepson of Neil Simon, the playwright, who endorsed Mr. Bloomberg last fall."

The Times makes sure to explain that the mayor's office was "not eager to share information about who gets the internships and took three months to furnish the list, after the Freedom of Information Act request and repeated follow-up messages." Eventually mayoral spokesman Stu Loeser "said a vast majority of the students were recruited through job fairs, online applications or school programs...Still, one in five of those selected are recommended from someone employed by the administration."

Most interns are college or graduate students, but a few high schoolers and middle schoolers land them with extra close connections (former deputy mayor Daniel Doctoroff's son Jacob was an eighth grader when he worked with "a bunch of 35- to 45-year-olds" in the office of management information systems). One two-time City Hall intern, Hayley Kucich, told the Times, "You’d get a lot of interns who said that their aunt was on the board of something, or that their relatives worked for city government."