Having clearly exhausted every other option of luring local children into their charter school, officials at JHS 126 in Greenpoint have resorted to a foolproof method of recruitment: cash bonuses! The school has posted signs promising a "$100 reward" for any student who convinces another to attend one of three charters in the area for at least one term.

DOE officials have already asked the school to remove the sign, but its existence is definitely an indicator that the battle between Charters and public schools is heating up. The Post is also reporting that charter school students outperformed public school students in science and social studies last year. But UFT president Michael Mulgrew says the scoring gap is "hardly surprising, since compared to the average public school, charters have significantly fewer of the city's poorest children, English language learners, and special-ed students with the greatest needs."

The state Senate has already approved raising the cap on charter schools, the bill has yet to be passed. And Albany is running out of time before the June 1st deadline for Race to the Top funding.