In today's cops-possibly-moonlighting-as-criminals news, a man was reportedly discovered kidnapped and tied up inside an NYPD detective's garage yesterday afternoon. The names of both the man and the detective have yet to be released, but the detective has reportedly been a part of the Brooklyn gang unit for 17 years.

According to the Post, the kidnap victim was apparently taken off the street on Thursday, and his kidnappers repeatedly called a friend of his to demand a hefty $75,000 ransom. Cops eventually traced the call to the detective's home phone—which, for a nearly two-decade long veteran on the force, seems like a pretty rookie mistake to make— and drove out to his house in Queens, eventually finding the kidnap victim. The detective and his supposed cohorts were called in for questioning last night, but so far it seems no arrests have been made—though we suspect the writing team Law & Order: SVU will find a way to have this in their next season premiere.

When contacted, the NYPD had no information to share on the incident.