2006_06_legopolice.jpgPS 217 in Ditmas Park is under the microscope as parents wonder if the police should be called in on unruly children. The most recent incident involves Jonathan Modesto, a 6 year old who has ADHD and had the cops called on him after he "threw a tantrum in his kindergarten classroom, allegedly kicking a paraprofessional and an assistant vice principal." And there were two other incidents where children were sent to hospitals for evaulations - an 8 year old (with ADHD) had a tantrum and a 5 year old who "was nipping at teachers' ankles" and "taken away in a stretcher." We imagine student tantrums are tricky situations for teachers and school administrators to handle. The biggest problem is most likely what kind of liability the teachers and school bear if someone is hurt (the child having a tantrum, other students) if they try to restrain them or don't call in extra help. Many schools do not seem to have the resources to deal with children who might act up, but calling the police or sending them to a hospital sounds pretty harsh.

The Daily News has a big picture of Jonathan holding a petition his mom started to remove PS 217 Principal Franca Conti.