A 20-year-old Westchester kid is suing the MTA for $7 million because he was was mugged in Harlem. MTA cops left the college sophomore on the streets late at night after dropping charges against him, he claims, and now he wants his payday.

Back in October Anthony Castiglione, a 20-year-old Iona College student, was arrested on his way back to New Rochelle after a Metro-North conductor reported having trouble with rowdy passengers. A report said the minor "smelled of alcohol" and "ignored instructions." Charges were later dismissed but the youngster was left stranded in Harlem where, according to his suit, he "spent a terrifying night on the streets...[solicited] by prostitutes and drug dealers" and was left "battered, bruised and bleeding."

The kid claims he told cops he was scared to be let loose in that neighborhood at such a late hour and was told "that's not my problem" by an officer who then locked him out of the police substation. An Anthony Castiglione on Facebook, who is an Iona College student, lists "fuck you, pay me" as one of his favorite quotes and it seems like this Castiglione has similar intentions for the MTA. And the Authority's response? Any injuries he suffered are due to "his own culpable conduct." We think they have a point.