2005_12_minivan2.jpgYesterday's car crash in Kew Gardens involved at least seven injured people, including three children. A woman drove her minivan into a line of cars waiting at a red light. Two pedestrians were pinned under the minivan; it seems that the van had jumped a curb. A two year old was ejected from a car onto the street; one report says the minivan's driver's son, a two year old boy, was injured, but it's unclear he was the one found on the street. And nearby resident at the intersection of Kissena Boulevard and Jewel Avenue say that there are many accidents there, telling Newsday, ""We thought that maybe that the signs showing kids crossing going to school would slow them down some, but it didn't. ... It's just people trying to beat the light, being in a rush." The police are still investigating the incident; no arrests have been made.