Kerry Kennedy, one of Robert F. Kennedy's children and the former wife of Governor Andrew Cuomo, was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs on July 13, when she hit a tractor-trailer on I-684 in Westchester County. However, her spokesperson insisted she had no drugs or alcohol in her system and other Kennedy friends said she had a seizure. Now the toxicologist's report says that Kennedy did in fact have traces of Ambien.

The incident happened on a Friday morning, and the driver of the tractor-trailer, Rocco Scuiletti, had told the Post, "She started coming at me again, like she didn’t see me. She was starting to nod off, her head was bobbing toward the steering wheel.... When she hit me, my left tire tore up her passenger-side door, and the lug nuts on my truck tore up her tire — just shredded through it and peeled the tire right off." After cutting off more people, Kennedy apparently sped off, and police later found her slumped over the wheel in her disabled car.

In the state police report, they said that Kennedy told them she may have mixed up her sleep aid, the Ambien generic Zolpidem, with her thyroid medicine. After the release of the toxicologist's report, Kennedy said, "It now appears that my first instinct was correct." Still, she said last week, "The accident was not caused by a sleeping aid but by a complex partial seizure. My doctor says this is the first seizure I have ever had."

According to the NY Times, "Zolpidem, a hypnotic and sedative class drug prescribed by physicians to treat temporary insomnia, has been known to cause strange, though rare, side effects. The reported problems include sleepwalking, short-term amnesia and “sleep-driving” — driving while not fully awake, according to a guide approved by the Food and Drug Administration."

Kennedy's spokesman Ken Sunshine denied he lied on her behalf, claiming he didn't realize that other tests had been taken, "What I said at the time is, in fact, true. I, in fact, said she voluntarily took breath, blood and urine tests, all of which came back negative."