Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry came to New York yesterday, for a last wooing session before the Republican National Convention next week. One his agenda: Hanging out with little kids at the Statue of Liberty, damning President Bush's 'fear and smear' tactics, yucking it up with Jon Stewart. The Daily Show bit was amusing, but John Stewart did not ask the hardest question of all: Will Kerry accept a role in the Wayans brothers' remake of The Munsters? The NY Times reports that during his speech at Cooper Union, Kerry reminded New Yorkers "predicted that the convention would 'focus on slogans, excuses and attack politics,' and said, 'You can't make up for four years in a few days of a convention and a few weeks of campaigning.'"

Gothamist noticed that Senator Kerry really loves to speak at places with statuary of Important Americans: He stood in front of an Abe Lincoln bust at Cooper Union, and later he was alongside Ben Franklin in Philadelphia yesterday. If his handlers are saying Kerry's got the immovable stone looks of an inanimate object, it's working!