At a meeting of the New School’s board of trustees last night, Bob Kerrey announced that he will step down as university president when his contract expires in July 2011. He did not explain the reasons for his decision, but insisted that it had nothing to do with faculty opposition and passionate student protests demanding his resignation. In breaking the news, City Room accurately describes Kerrey as "a decorated war hero," but omits the small matter of his slaughter of more than a dozen Vietnamese women and children in Thanh Phong village in 1969. The massacre is not irrelevant; New School students calling for Kerrey's dismissal say his involvement in the CIA's Operation Phoenix make him unfit to govern a progressive university that was founded by WWII refugees. In other New School news, trustees and faculty members have ordered an inquiry into the events surrounding last month's short-lived student occupation of a New School building, which resulted in 22 arrests. (On GOOD FRIDAY!)