New School president Bob Kerrey has started a blog (well, he ison Facebook anyway) to open up lines of communication with the school community. The former Senator has been under fire after announcing he would assume the role of provost after the fifth provost in 7 years was let go, which then prompted senior faculty to give him a vote of no-confidence. Kerrey, who is no longer assuming interim provost duties, tells readers, "I look forward to having a direct conversation with you about the future of the New School," but one student writes, "I appreciate that you want to hear, or read, my voice. However, I am a little disappointed that this blog has been setup now after the recent incidents. It seems like this blog is just flimflam for you to claim an active roll in listening to what faculty and students have to say. I would like to remind people that even if you do genuinely interact with this blog, it still is only a product of the situation and should not distract from any current affairs."