A radical compromise could defuse the raging controversy over the Kent Avenue bike lane in Williamsburg. According to the Brooklyn Paper, the DOT is considering turning a section of heavily-trafficked Kent Avenue into a one-way, one-lane, northbound roadway between Clymer and North 14th Streets. Sources say this would appease residents who've been outraged over the parking spaces that were sacrificed to accommodate the bike lanes last year. The proposal, which would resemble the dedicated bike lanes on Ninth Avenue and Grand Street in Manhattan, would create parking lanes to serve as a buffer for a protected two-directional bike lane on the waterfront side. (A dedicated bike path on Kent has been a long term goal of the Brooklyn Greenway initiative.) The DOT is reportedly meeting with Williamsburg groups about the plan, and Transportation Alternatives spokesman Wiley Norvell tells us, "This looks like a win-win for everybody." Even die hard bike lane opponent Leo Moskowitz—who you'll recall from that infamous, illegal detour sign on Kent—is embracing the idea, telling Brooklyn Paper, "We are coming to a conclusion that benefits everyone." Could a group hug between Orthodox Jews and Brooklyn cyclists be far behind?