Earlier this week, the Daily News looked at the YouTube video showing a classic meltdown at the Kensington Post Office. A man, frustrated about the service, yells, "Get the manager over here! I want the manager. We'll see how long you have your job, sweetie." An employee says, "Who the hell do you think you are?" only for the man to reply, "I'm the customer, you stupid bitch." Yeah, that sounds about right.

The video is from December (Curbed suspects the man was just trying to send a letter to Santa - dude, Santa totally needs to get online), which might be one of the worst months to go to the post office. Except the PO seems more staffed during December, so the lines seem extra long during the months after!

According someone's account of a community meeting, via Gowanus Lounge, residents were up in arms about the Kensington's Post Office's antics. One resident wondered why it was so difficult to contact anyone at the post office - there are no phone number, no email addresses, etc. - and Assemblyman Jim Brennan said, "“I used to list those numbers in my monthly newsletter. But the post office kept changing the numbers as soon as I listed them.” HA! Another resident said, "I’m from Vietnam. And I can tell you that the post office in Saigon works better than this one.” Which is funny, and since Jake went to Saigon last month, we believe the Saigon Central Post Office is also more beautiful than Kensington.

Do you think the Kensington Station is the worst (Ben Smith does) or do you nominate another? And the News reported last month that City Councilman Bill DeBlasio demanded "employee retraining, Web cam surveillance and customer representatives, among other upgrades" for the station. That actually sounds like good things for some other stations - going to the post office is a nightmare all its own.