He's not getting arrested yet, he's already in custody for parole violations after all, but Police Commissioner Ray Kelly just gave a news conference where he called Darryl Littlejohn, in no uncertain terms, the prime suspect in the murder of Imette St. Guillen. Littlejohn's DNA seems to have turned up on some of the ties that were found on her body. This evidence, and more, is being brought before a Grand Jury this week after which we'll see what will happen.

When asked if he thought this case was closed, Kelly said "No, I wouldn't." He would, however, admit that because DNA evidence is "one in a trillion" the blood evidence is "very important" for them.

Finally, when asked if he thought that the owners of the Falls were involved he said that "there are a lot of different aspects of this investigation that have certainly not reached finality. There is certainly a lot more work to be done."

Yes. Yes there is.

Meanwhile, the Post goes all super-bloidy and in their own way tries to tell us why Littlejohn wasn't still in jail, who his "first victim" was and how he is apparently cool-as-a-cucumber in custody.