After months of ignoring reports, shrugging off concerns, and generally denying that anything was wrong, NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly announced today that he has formed a committee to study and parse how the NYPD records crime statistics. The panel comes amidst allegations over the past year that the NYPD brass pressured officers to downgrade incidents, under-report crimes, and meet monthly quotas. Maybe he was inspired to take a closer look after his recent three-car accident was downgraded to an alternate-side parking violation.

Three former prosecutors will be part of the Crime Reporting Review Committee, and will spend the next six months reviewing the Compstat crime reporting system. "The integrity of our crime reporting system is of the utmost importance to the Department...It is essential not only for maintaining the confidence of the people we serve, but reliable crime statistics are necessary for the effective planning and evaluation of crime reduction strategies," Kelly said, adding that the police department's misclassification rate is merely 1.5 percent. Previously, Kelly shrugged off any concerns or calls for an investigation into the NYPD's ticket quotas, and dismissed them as just "productivity goals."

Earlier this year, Officer Adrian Schoolcraft of Brooklyn's 81st Precinct accused NYPD commanding officers of massively under-reporting crime stats, backed by secret recordings he made; Schoolcraft is suing the city for $50 million, but has vowed to bring the lawsuit to trial to expose the manipulation. Already, five officers from the 81st Precinct have been given departmental charges for manipulating statistics. Officers at the 79th Precinct have even considered a day-long summons boycott to get NYPD brass to listen to them.

Of course, someone should probably remind Kelly that a study on NYPD crime stats has already been done—and found that more than half the officers interviewed admitted to juking the stats. But that study was an FBI-sponsored report with no ties to Kelly, so what could they possibly know?