We've spent the better part of today curled in a ball, surrounded by our hardcover copies of Pitchforks and Torches, wondering where it all went wrong. How could Current TV do this to Keith "Just a Regular Guy" Olbermann? Based on various reports, it sounds as if Keith didn't feel like working for a low-budget TV network—and that low-budget TV network, headed up by Al Gore and Joel Hyatt, were tired of putting up with a high-maintenance talking head.

The Daily Beast's Rebecca Dana notes that Olbermann "balked at the cheap sets and lo-fi production values at the scrappy Current." To that end TMZ has procured an email circulated at the network last summer noting that the printers were out of toner. Meanwhile, Olbermann continued to collect his annual salary of $10 million, despite refusing to work on crucial election night coverage.

Perhaps Olbermann refused to work because no one was watching: "Countdown" on Current had roughly 170K viewers compared to the 1 million that watched him nightly on MSNBC.

Gore reportedly "begged" Olbermann to listen to his presentation on ManBearPig play ball and stay at the network, but those entreaties failed. Leave it to Al Gore to fail where Roger Ailes succeeds: better to be feared than loved.

As Dana notes, both Current and Olbermann may be staring at a court battle, even as they may "end up on parallel glide paths to obscurity." If Olbermann's tweet-statement wasn't enough for you yesterday, he'll be on Letterman Tuesday night to dish on the situation.

It has been exactly one day since Current TV announced that Keith Olbermann had accomplished his mission.