You would think that maybe, just maybe, politics could be left aside during the upcoming 9/11 anniversary ceremony, but nope! After yesterday's report that he was calling Mayor Bloomberg a "putz" and "Napoleon" over not inviting a NJ official to the ceremony, Governor Chris Christie went public with the dispute.

Christie criticized Bloomberg for apparently refusing to let Port Authority Chairman David Samson take part, claiming that Samson "is the leader of the ground we will be standing on. I don't understand why this is such a hard thing." Sigh. We don't know either Christie. He then went on to demand that Donald DiFrancesco, the Governor of New Jersey during the attacks, be included in the ceremony as well.

Bloomberg (his office is planning the event) has agreed to invite DiFrancesco, but swung back at Christie for starting a public spat about the ceremony. "We're trying to keep [the] focus on families, and that's where it belongs," Bloomberg explained. "This day is not about any of us, it's about the families of 3,000-odd people who lost their lives 10 years ago."

Christie defended his requests, stating "That's my job. I'm standing up for the people of my state... If we allow New York to make every one of these decisions with just New York, no one from New Jersey would be there." He added that all of the politicians speaking during the ceremony will keep things apolitical with poems and inspirational readings (hint hint, Cuomo!), so there shouldn't be any problem. Right, because putting your mug front and center during an event that will be seen by millions won't help your image with voters at all.