If this is a sudden trend, then we definitely want Rudy Giuliani to run in 2012 so his rival can trot out Donna Hanover at a debate: The Staten Island Advance reports that Rep. Michael McMahon (D) invited the ex-wife of his Republican challenger to Tuesday night's debate. And not only was Michael Grimm's ex Susan Kim there, so were her father and brothers! The Advance summed it up, "Call it a bit of campaign shenanigans unrivaled even in the rough and tumble that is a hallmark of Staten Island politics."

The Kims were able to take "four took seats directly in front of the podium at which Grimm would stand" courtesy of McMahon staffers/volunteers holding seats. Grimm told the paper, "She looked as beautiful as the day I met her," and of his ex-in-laws, "It was a pleasure to see them." The former FBI agent and ex-Marine added, "I guess he [McMahon] did it to try to rattle me. It didn't. I think this shows you which way the campaign is going. It is what it is."

McMahon's campaign explained that the Kims have been his long-time supporters. McMahon received the endorsement of Mayor Bloomberg yesterday, but that didn't sway one Staten Island resident, "I don't know who [to vote for] yet. But someone who won't make more of a mess."