2005_08_katrina.jpgHurricane Katrina is bearing down on the Gulf Coast region right now, and with residents trying to leave the area and news crews trying to report from the area (it's all about soaking reporters). Since Katrina became such a beast so quickly, words like "toxic gumbo" (get it - it's hitting New Orleans!) and phrases like "this could be our tsunami" have been tossed around with images of people taking shelter in the Superdome to hammer home how crazy the storm is. And why should New Yorkers, as well as other non-Mississippi Delta residents, care, aside from having rains later this week? Well, as the news anchors have been excitedly telling us, gas prices will go up and the country might go into a recession.

NOAA has the latest on Katrina, and if you want only the finest in so hysterical-but-yet-from-a-government agency, check out NOAA's Current Conditions update: "POWER OUTAGES WILL LAST FOR WEEKS...AS MOST POWER POLES WILL BE DOWN AND TRANSFORMERS DESTROYED. WATER SHORTAGES WILL MAKE HUMAN SUFFERING INCREDIBLE BY MODERN STANDARDS."

Image from NOAA