2006_01_karatekid.jpgNow, Gothamist frequently thinks we live in an overly litigious society...until we read about some lawsuit that is just awesome. A Midtown karate school is being sued for injuring a student. In 2003, student-instructor took over a class at Anderson's Martial Arts school and kicked Jonah Stevens, who was then a 17 year old, in the face - only to break Stevens' jaw during practice. Yikes! Stevens' lawyer says that his client required extensive dental work and is permanently injured. The Post couldn't get in touch with the dojo or the instructor for a comment, but what can they really say? They were sparring with a teenaged boy who probably seemed tough enough? We wonder if the dojo would try to use the "you're not supposed to walk into the kick" defense, but still - even though you're supposed to be humiliated at karate class, your instructors should have enough of a light touch to only take the wind out of you, not sock you silly.

Maybe Kramer had it right: Maybe we adults should go to dojo with children students so we can beat them up.