The annual chicken sacrificing ritual known as kaparot that takes place around this time of year (near Yom Kippur) always gets the demonstrators out. According to the NY Post, the ASPCA is the latest to step up to the protest plate, and a Brooklyn man says they all but forced him to stop the tradition at his place of business yesterday.

He told the paper that his seasonal Satmar Kapparos Center, run out of a parking lot at 12th Avenue and 48th Street, was visited by the organization, and according to him: "They asked me what I was feeding [the birds]. I said challah and water. They said, 'No, you have to feed them grain.'" Not too much arm twisting there, but then they allegedly threatened to bring in the Health Department.

The ASPCA tells the story differently, however, and told the paper that they "visited the center to investigate a cruelty complaint and found no violation of laws. The man decided to remove the chickens on his own."