[UPDATE BELOW] Kanye West is currently at Trump Tower to meet with President-elect Donald Trump. West, who was recently released from UCLA Medical Center after suffering from what TMZ called a nervous breakdown, is a self-proclaimed Trump fan, so he's probably getting a cabinet appointment. The CIA's probably getting a shakeup once Trump assumes power, and Kanye met George Tenet one time, so we're sure he'd do a tremendous job at spy stuff.

According to the press pool reports, Kanye walked into the building at 9:13 a.m. flanked by his entourage and a videographer:

He's reportedly in NYC to look for a good therapist, after his eight-day hospital stay for "exhaustion and sleep deprivation," as well as to buy Saint and North some Christmas presents. TMZ says he'll have a 15-minute sit-down with Trump, and that he requested the meeting.

Trump, who neither has time to get daily security briefings nor discuss what he's planning to do with his business, apparently has plenty of time to meet with him, and we're sure it's big league, important stuff. We look forward to Kanye ranting for 45 minutes at Trump's inauguration.


Kim Kardashian West, who the future leader of the free world once publicly declared "has a fat ass," was not on the scene.

Update 10:35 a.m.: Kanye and Trump have finished their meeting. When the press pool asked the dynamic duo why they were meeting, Trump said they were just friends. "He's a good man. Long time. Friends for a long time," he said. As for what they discussed, Trump said, "Life. We discussed life."

Kanye stayed pretty silent, noting he was "just here to take a picture right now."

Oh look, video!

Update: Kanye apparently met Trump with the long game in mind: He wants to eventually discuss violence in Chicago.