Volunteers have been pouring into areas hard hit by Hurricane Sandy by the busload, but this is one of the cutest post-storm relief efforts we've seen so far: a four-year-old girl from Missouri has donated stuffed animals to children who lost their toys.

Katherine Schell, who hails from Kansas City, was worried about the kids whose stuffed animals were destroyed by the storm. She told her parents she wanted to help, so they started to collect plush toy donations in their area. They named their effort "Project Daisy," after Katherine's favorite toy, and established drop-off locations for dolls and cash at local businesses. And the drive was a rousing success; in three days, the Schells managed to amass 1,800 stuffed animals.

This week, the family flew to New York to hand out the toys to children in the Rockaways and Staten Island, and residents say the gifts were greatly appreciated. "We lost mostly everything and it's just sad and just the thought that she really reached out to us really meant the whole world," LaTannia Rankine, a Far Rockaway resident, told CBS 2. The Schells brought 200 stuffed animals themselves; they're also getting distribution help from the Stephen Siller Foundation, and a Kansas City trucking company brought 1600 toys to the city for free.