2007_02_yachtcap.jpgThis could also be titled "Kalikow Doesn't Care As Much About Non-Hamptons People." After receiving a complaint about the Montauk LIRR station, MTA Chairman Peter Kalikow took care of the matter immediately. Corcoran agent and Montauk resident Deanna Banks wrote a letter to Hamptons.com saying that after leaving a message with Kalikow's secretary, the secretary called to say, "Mr. Kalikow said he would make efforts to fix the parking lot." Potholes were filled nine day later, ugly railroad ties are being removed, and a new shelter is being built.

amNew York spoke to Banks, who said, "In the land of millionaires and the 'Who's Who' I would think that we could maintain things better." Um, NYC has millionaires and 'Who's Who' who take the subways, too. Banks doesn't know Kalikow, but has just seen him at the yacht club. Well, la di da.

With very few travelers from Montauk during the winter, the LIRR Commuter Council chair Gerry Brinkmann said the quick work was "highly unusual" - "[Banks's] got a hell of lot more clout that I do and I represent over 100,000 daily riders." And City Council Transportation Committee chair John Liu told amNY, "This is an unfortunate example of the outgoing chairman operating the authority like this personal fiefdom."

We mentioned this to Dan Dickinson who said, "Oh, then we should be dressing up as yacht club members so Kalikow can get to work on the subways" (or something to that effect). Which made us think that was a great idea. Other ideas: Wrapping the subway as a yacht or a sports car. Or maybe we should call up Kalikow's office and pretend to be a crony from the Hamptons, but get him to fix the 2nd Avenue F/V station, because it smells.

Last month, City Comptroller provided a report that show how the MTA doesn't care about NYC.