2006_06_mtamousepad.jpgAt the MTA board meeting, Chairman Peter Kalikow said there "probably" won't be a monthly Metrocard fare hike next year. But the "probably not" is contingent on the MTA having another surplus year, which could be possible, if they played their real estate cards right. The MTA has assumed fare increases for next year (and other years), and while Gothamist would hate an increase, we do understand that it might have to happen, what with the MTA's billions in defict. The Citizens Budget Commission released their ideas on how to balance the MTA budget (PDF), which include congestion pricing, East River tolls, and other fees.

Kalikow also reiterated that he wants to stay on as MTA Chairman to see projects through, as "It is not common practice for MTA chairs to step down when there is a gubernatorial change." But Metro points out "when Gov. George Pataki took office in 1995, MTA chief Peter Stangl gave up his job, just as Richard Ravitch resigned after Mario Cuomo became governor in 1983." We think Kalikow just wants to stick it to gubernatorial frontrunner and Kaikow-hater Eliot Spitzer.

These subway line mouse pads from the Transit Museum Store are cool, though