Kai The Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker, AKA Caleb McGillivary, was arraigned today in New Jersey on murder charges. McGillivary, appearing confused and nonchalant, asked for more time to review evidence before submitting a plea and asked for the opportunity to get a new, private lawyer. His public defender plead "Not Guilty" on his behalf.

McGillivary is accused of killing a 73-year-old attorney last month after the man let the itinerant Kai stay at his home for a few days. McGillivary had become an internet sensation earlier this year after he thwarted an attack using a hatchet.

In court, McGillivary spoke with the judge about getting more details about the charges against him as well as his desire to make a phone call (something that he claims he was being denied). When the judge asked how the court could contact him if he was to be released on bail, Kai responded, "by email. Facebook."

Friends of McGillivary have reached out to prominent New Jersey defense attorney Miles Feinstein to try to get him involved with the case. Feinstein told the AP that he is "unsure if he will represent McGillivary but plans on meeting him this week."

When told that bail would be set at $3 million, Kai told the judge, "Oh, fine. Cool."